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Re: Retirement announcements
« Reply #570 on: October 11, 2019, 17:58 »
From CN (

It's hard to fault his reasons for doing this. It does seem really hard for a professional cyclist to have any real focus outside of the bike. The part about not wanting to see his son grow up over Skype hits especially hard.

Still leaves something of a bitter taste though. It feels like the announcement just came 2 years too late, his heart just hasn't been in it. It's fine not to want to "torture" yourself, but it feels a little selfish to me when other riders had to torture themselves in the hope of Kittel picking up some glory, then he just doesn't bother turning up. Fine when you're a rider from a wealthy country with a degree lined up, but what about teammates for whom cycling is the only thing they've got?

Perhaps I'm being too harsh, I have no idea what demons he's dealing with, just my initial reaction.
I don't know. It seems to me that it often takes one a long time just to figure out that something is wrong. Like Kittel here. I would be more inclined to think that his internal conversation and the conversation with his mates and coaches would be like this:
"Just a bad day - think positive - and let's get out there and do it again." And he keeps trying to think positive, not recognizing that the dissatisfaction runs deeper. I know it's not always easy to recognize problems, especially when things are grey - partly good and partly bad.
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