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Re: 2020 the road map for cycling
« Reply #30 on: October 08, 2013, 11:56 »
but if DIV2 team rides a DIV1 race as a wildcard how do they benefit from getting a good result (other than prestige/sponsor)  The same thing occurs now with the WT and pro conti

So i Rolland was to win the TDF it would not count towards WT points for Europcar  ( well it does but not is true ladder meaning ) so all the historical races would be important , but a smart division 2 manager will have their strongest teams in the division 2 races if they want to go up to division 1

why would it have to be the same races?

How else do you define the strongest team if they do not compete against each other ?

How do the UCI decide what are the 50 days ?  and is a stage the same as a 1 day race

the only way I can see this is thinking about 2 separate divisions

same as football ( I think as I do not watch it ) in England

you have a top division and 2nd division inter division games count as your teams position on the ladder which may mean promotion and relegation , I also assume there is an even amount of games played say 1 home 1 away for each team in the division against each other.

Then you have all the cups where teams from different divisions compete against each other

So in this case division 1 is decided on the 120 division 1 race days only for division 1 teams

and division 2 is  decided on the 50 division 2 race days only for division 2 teams

no where does it say that I can see division 2 is decided by race results of 50 days in division 1 races

I am more and more convinced I disagree JSG.

Quote from: inrng

The reform proposes clearer promotion and relegation criteria with two divisions although it seems these will still race the top races but on a reduced basis, perhaps only getting a few invitations to fill their quota of 50 days per year.

I agree with your Rolland example but that's without a promotion opportunity built in.  As you say in your scenario DIV2 would put their strongest teams in the DIV2 races, so their weaker teams in the DIV1 races would dilute those races.  I dont think there will be DIV2 races though.

I dont think you have to judge the DIV2 teams on races together, just on the ability to perform against a set criteria, ie compete at WT/DIV1 level.

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