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Re: 2020 the road map for cycling
« Reply #30 on: October 08, 2013, 13:24 »
The second division race days is NOT 50. This is purely how many days they will be ranked based on days raced in the top level.

The second division teams will not only race fifty days in total, that would be utterly ludicrous. Do you really think second division teams will be made up of ten riders, with one team car and a minibus????? Because thats all youd need for 50 days.

There will not be a seperate division 2 calendar. Just how can you put together a race calendar with only 8 teams?  Because of the maths on the WT race days, the Div 2 teams will have to ride AT LEAST 50 days of world tour racing just to make sure the races have full attendance.

Those fifty days of racing at WT level, will get WT ranking points, in exactly the same way as they do now.

Its pretty simple, Division 1 teams race at World Tour level for 120 days and get ranked
Division 2 teams race 50 days at World Tour level, and get ranked based on that, they then race europe, asia, africa tour etc.
Pro Conti Teams - race at euro, asia, africa tour level, and get wild cards for world tour events.

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