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Re: 2020 the road map for cycling
« Reply #30 on: October 09, 2013, 14:41 »
Sometimes you get a bit of paper on the table with some many 'that doesn't make sense' and 'surely they don't mean... because...' lines, that the Tea Party part of my brain throws such a wobbler in one part of one half of my brain that it triggers a shutdown of of the entire grey mass up there.

I tried to read it several times, and I think instead I will wait to see what comes on the table when they have actually thought through what makes sense and talked to the people who this will affect properly.

Last time I checked, we are partly down this 'global development' route, and instead of the brisk spectacle that we would get as a result of the WT points competition, with growing numbers of teams and sponsors slugging it out for much sought after guaranteed WT spots, we can't even get enough teams on the road willing to acquire such a license, and for once, having earned WT points also means nada in the musical chair transfer circus that it unleashes on all of us each year. And it gaves us Beijing. Stop laughing please.

Yes, the sport is growing outside it's heartland. But the mens RR circus has become more profitable, not healthier. WT license, anyone? Pretty please? And it's not like we now have five Hinault's competing. It's still mostly one, with two or three others if there is a sudden weak knee.

It will be a bit, but we have been promised a new future in which riders and race organisers, and sponsors, are being put back around the UCI table and can actually say stuff that affects the lunacy that Pat was trying to shoehorn cycling into.

Rather than plough on with this plan, I hope some sanity returns, and someone at the UCI will realise that road cycling isn't a "one thing", so trying to create the "one easy story" monstrosity  that someone thinks we need so the networks and media can embrace it easily, as it can be sold easier to "the audience" out there, makes as much sense as trying to create a single global competition out of Rugby, Football (Soccer), American Football, and One Day Ping Pong, as hey, they all use balls and audiences find it hard to get enthusiastic across the board for these.

Anyone who even dares to utter the phrase "all the best riders will be there throughout" should be flogged in public as knowing sod all about the reality of road racing where maybe one to five riders are 'the best' for a given race on a given day, if they want to be in form and actually compete for it for starters. And the same brainiac obviously hasn't realised that reducing the amount of actual race days for in effect the same amount, or even less riders is as far from 'growing the sport globally' as you can possibly get. It is spreading the same sport thinner, just more profitable for some.  And hope good things will happen as a result, whilst the reality is "WT license anyone?..... anyone?".

If they come up with a 2020 plan that doesn't lead to more races than we have calendar days for, for more riders than we have places for, in more division one leagues than we currently have places for, with even more overcrowding problems further down the division lines, than we are in real trouble. I want to see the bold initiative that takes dealing with race-day calendar conflicts as the reality to aim for, not avoid.

Creating a male RR reality that only ever has place for 22-ish teams at the current level is a doom-scenario that should have been flushed down the same Florence sewer that Pat & Co were sent into.

Wake me up when someone puts something on the table that actually starts to think about how to grow our sport properly, as opposed to replacing like for fake 'made in china' like.
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