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Re: 2020 the road map for cycling
« Reply #30 on: October 10, 2013, 05:36 »
Would any exceptions be made to which teams can ride which races. For example would exemptions be made so team could ride their national tour if they aren't of a high enough ranking to normally ride in it. Looking at it from a British perspective none of the smaller British teams would be able to ride the Tour of Britain as it is a 2.1 race as most of them are only Continental teams not Pro Continental so would only be allowed to ride 2.2 stage races if I'm reading things correctly.

No idea tbh, and being div 2 (if it is in the new system) means that there are a lot of wildcards to fill. Say 8 div 2 plus sky , 9 teams which would mean 13 wildcards , I guess 1 UK team so 12 that's a lot , maybe conti teams fill spots if no one wants to ride. The other thing to consider is up to 22 of the teams will have been at the vuelta,and somewhere in this time the 2 Canadian races, so the tob might not be so popular and need conti to fill spots ???

I do think the only 1 div or 2 race at one time will not work during GT's
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