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Re: 2020 the road map for cycling
« Reply #30 on: October 30, 2013, 15:45 »

seems to be basically what I said here

Ok so what do we have , bit of mess with some positives

we have a race calendar running from Feb to October start of month to end = 273 days

we have a total of 170 race days of no overlap, which is broken down to 120 1st division race days and 50 2nd division race days  so we will have 103 days during this time with no racing

we have 16 1st division teams and 8 2nd division teams 

the 16 1st division teams must race the 1st division events as this goes to the end of year total , I assume this will mean there will be some sort of relegation of bottom team or 2 bottom teams.

the 8 2nd division teams must race the 2nd division events as this goes to the end of year total , I assume this will mean there will be some sort of promotion of top team or 2 top teams.

Stage races will be 5-6 days long so some of the Historical stage races will be reduced in distance and only 1 race from either division 1 or 2 can be runing at the same time ( not a bad thing ) so T-A and P-N can not clash , but as inrng pointed out  when a 21 stage plus 2 rest days Grand tour is going on , that is right no other division 1 or 2 races .

So if a rider skips the Giro , not racing same for the TDF , and Vuelta So a few probable division 2 races will have to be moved .

We also have number of teams

next year we will have 22 WT and at this stage 16 Pro conti  ie 38 teams of riders, staff etc employed

This will be reduced  24 teams , which will require less riders and staff due to less race days and no clashes

another way to look at is

16 division 1 teams ie the old WT

8 division 2 teams ie the bottom 8 WT teams plus the top 2 Pro Conti teams make up a new class/division of cycling teams

pro-conti still exists but it now with the Conti teams which will be the European tour, African tour , Oceania Tour and American tour.

So back to Division 1 race 120 we will need to reduce the WT by 33 days - some through reduced days of stage races others will become division 2 races

all 16 division 1 teams will race division 1 race days with wild cards coming from division 2 teams . Only the points earned by division 1 teams at these races count towards to end of season division 1  ladder - similar to now and WT races and being a pro conti team. I also assume division 2 teams can race all 120 division 1 race days if they so choose and were given wild cards .

All 8 division 2 teams will race the 50 division 2 races and wild cards coming from division 1 and I assume pro conti , I also assume both division 1 and Pro conti could race all 50 division 2 race days if the so choose and were given wild cards. But only the points of these races have any meaning for the 8 division 2 teams - these will be important to go up to division 1 and possibly down to pro conti

# team must compete * race days in there division
16 division 1 teams 120
8 division 2 teams 50
? Pro Conti & Continental ?

say we look at what will be division 2 races , there is no way there can not only be 50 division 2 race days if we take Qatar, Oman, Dubai and the hearld Sun tour in Australia as 2 division races at 5 days each that will be 20 days before a pedal has been turned in Europe add Utan , Pro cycling challenge and California at 5 days each and we are at 35 which would leave a grand total of 15 left for Europe division 2 and San Luis is expanding so 5 more days and we have 10 left for Europe . Plus the expense of being a division 2 team would be greater than division 1 as they must ride division 2 races to get there points. To have a fair system the division teams must compete against each other, you can not have 1 team not riding a race and other scoring points.

Probably my longest no rant post ever

make an orderly line for those confused or wish to point out spelling mistakes

pps Fus has been typing when I have and we have made a similer point
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