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Re: Football
« Reply #210 on: February 22, 2012, 12:14 »
Thanks for the clip, Archie. Here's a short write up from someone who attended.

(Surprised that Villas-Boas hasn't gone yet.) ;D

Fantastic performance. We were on it from the off. Winning most second
balls, players supporting each other, options with Maynards movement
and support from Vaz Te and Faubert bombing down the line. Vaz Te
looked a bit of a luxury at times not tracking back enough, a bit like
having Piq there on the left but with more pace and more direct
cutting in, proved his worth in the end.He's not a real team player
but at least kept going.
Made Blackpool looked 2nd best and were cruising at 2 nil, the only
one real chance and soft goal on 45,  I really felt would prove
Sure Blackpool went for it but they should have been more
patient ,especially when Green went, when I think we all felt it will
be a miracle to avoid defeat, a draw would been a huge bonus feeling
like a win but to do it in such style was awesome. Went close before
the 3rd and 4th a couple of times, Faubert denied a tap in and another
intervening defender stopping Vaz Te at the far after great work on
the break by Maynard.
Maynard was superb challenging for every ball and taking a few knocks
despite not being the tallest/beefiest. Always looking to knock past
and run on using his pace.  Nobes and Collison ran themselves into the
ground, always finding time and space, Jacks best display for some
long time. JT did a superb holding job and moved to centre back later
with much ease. Faye and Reid solid, McCartney dependable and some,
O’Brien never say die.  Faubert up and down the line keenly.  Lansbury
barely troubled, kicking excellent just one that went straight off. We
looked a class above Holloways men and pleasingly played the better
football for most of the game.
Some top singing; ‘We’ve only got (need) 10 men’, ‘England’s No1’,
‘One Nicky Maynard’ (when he went off) and best of all Blackpool
played on with Vaz Te down, eventually the ball goes out, Vaz Te still
down and ‘9 men , we only need 9 men ‘ went up. All through the game
we were singing, 'We're gonna score in a minute', because it really
felt that way. Of course 'We are top of the league'.
Had some good banter with the stewards near the end too, quite a few
apparently PNE fans so were loving it almost as much as us.

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