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Re: Football
« Reply #210 on: February 24, 2012, 16:35 »
Robert Green had his red card recinded then Amster.  ;D ;D ;D

Can you remember the last time a straight red got overturned? I can't. What a result. 8)

My local team, Ajax, played at OT last night. Ajax 1.5 beat ManU 2 by 2-1, so ManU just squeak through to the next round. It was a poor game in terms of quality, but the story of the night was the performance of the 4k Ajax fans, who totally drowned out the other 63k in the Theater of Prawn Sarnies and literally owned the stadium for the evening. They were truly awesome for the whole 90 minutes, even louder than our Hammers. Embarrassing for the ManU 'fans'. Very. ;D
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