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Re: BMC news
« Reply #60 on: February 15, 2014, 09:07 »
For me, possibly the most encouraging thing that he said here was this:

Quote from: Allan Peiper
Don’t make us wait till August to start to discuss whether you want to stay on because it won’t happen. Get the score on the board, show us you’re a value to the team early.

I was amazed in the last couple of seasons how BMC, with all its investment and roster quality, never seemed to start pulling results until the best part of the season was over. For several years, it really has been the Pedro Delgado of team performances, turning up late to the start house.

It will be exciting to see this team, for which I don't confess a lot of love myself, perform this Spring under the tutelage of a guy I always thought would make a great team boss even during his racing career.
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