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Re: Astana
« Reply #90 on: February 24, 2018, 08:10 »
Reports in the news Vesti, Kazakh paper for those that read russian is that Astana is pretty much broke. Riders are not getting paid, and the situation is not resolved.
It appears Astana is not getting the money that was promised from their sponsors.
Oh joy.

Question: isn't this why there is a bank guarantee required for the WT license? Employee's pay should have priority.
Yes. But even the bank guarantee only covers three months' wages, and is only called up when an employee files paperwork with the UCI requesting that the bank guarantee be called up to cover their unpaid wages. In many cycling teams, such an employee could be certain that they would never get a contract with this team ever again ... after all, they dragged the team's name through the mud by making it public that the team didn't fulfil its obligations.
Of course that is hypocritical to the extreme, but then, this is cycling.

Jarlinson Pantano and other ex #colombia riders only applied to have their due wages paid out via the bank guarantee after they'd left the team. And they're probably not the only ones.
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