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Re: RIP/ memorial announcements
« Reply #60 on: August 06, 2019, 15:24 »
Awful, just awful. Hard to even think about racing and results at a time like this.

Feels like in the last few years, these awful incidents are occurring more and more. Maybe we just hear more of them due to the interconnectedness we have, but it sure feels like it's a rising problem, and it's going in the opposite direction to the rest of society. Used to be that people died all the time at their workplaces, in factories and on construction sites, but safety there has come such a long way.

Is it a real problem, is it fixable? Maybe fewer riders, fewer race vehicles might do something, but I suppose going 40-70km/h over hard ground with scant protection and people packed tightly together is always going to produce tragedy some of the time. Just makes me wonder if it's worth it if we can't fix it. Could I look Lambrecht's family in the eye and tell them their son's life was worth it for the enjoyment I get out of cycling? Absolutely not. Of course there are millions who enjoy it, not just me, and only a monster would say that to a grieving family, but still.
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