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RIP Keith
RIP krebs

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Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

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Re: RIP/ memorial announcements
« Reply #62 on: August 19, 2017, 09:54 »
Just caught up with the passing away of Reg Arnold last month.

Who's he? He's the greatest Australian cyclist you've probably never heard of. 103 six day races, 16 victories, twice European champion and a double world champion... Yet often referred to as Roger Arnold even in his day.

Went to Europe early in his career and made his name there. His breakthrough came in the New York 6 days in 1949 with Alf Strom.. They got very lucky in that organisational delays (publicity related) resulted in them cancelling bookings for the flight to New York which later crashed- the Lockheed constellation where all on board were killed.

He did come back to Australia in 1954 after he got injured and won the inaugural Tour of Tasmania, which was a fairly local field. He was also caught five metres from the line at that year's Warnambool after starting with a 10min handicap when he wished to be scratch.

In 1955, the Paris 6 day was a three man event and Australia sent in a pretty decent side - Reg Arnold, Sid Patterson and Russell Mockridge- three of the best individual talents to emerge from there. Of course, Mockridge had no 6 day experience and only peaked 3 years later (not long before his unfortunate death). *As I forgot to mention, they won the event by 2 laps.

He raced with and against van Looy and van Steenbergen.

He returned to Australia once and for all in 1963 amid no fanfare and lost both his brothers, who introduced him to cycling, within a year. His memory was sharp right till the end as evidenced by his interview to the cycling Victoria podcast, and maintained that the reason for most of his competitors not living full lives was in part due to drugs.

He was also not a fan of handicap racing. "That's for the apes, handicap racing." A view also shared by opperman.

He received the OAM in 2012 and his nephew has written a book about him Reg Arnold- sixday man.
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    Re: RIP/ memorial announcements
    « Reply #64 on: January 06, 2018, 11:51 »
    Jacky Durand's father Henri (aged 80) had been reported missing since 25 November when he was having a cycling ride. His body might've been found drowned in a pond between Ballots and Saint-Michel-la-Roë in the Mayenne.  :(
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