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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« on: December 13, 2013, 09:59 »
No no, pretenders please apply! The field is getting smarter every year, and those of us with 3 years experience need to feel good by bettering someone, at least!

On a separate note, first 5 teams now from velorooms. And I love that whenever I've come by here in the last 2 days, all I see on the chat scrollbar is talk of CQ picks. Cyclingnews may get more traffic, but people feel like fans here.

Is there any evidence that 2013 had the smartest field? I'm genuinely curious, as it didn't look like it to me. There were probably too many picks that turned out to be weak or mediocre, also in the de-facto top teams. When you compare that to what was possible with unpopular picks such as Chris "tailwind" Froome and Richie Porte, I don't know.

I'd certainly welcome having a much bigger field, though, especially if (more) people from within pro cycling join. What do you all think are the best (least intrusive) ways to get more people to join?

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