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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #30 on: December 13, 2013, 11:01 »
Press Release

CQ Ranking Game Preparations Underway for 2014.

When 'Hugo Koblet' (a poster on a cycling website's forum) conceived the much loved CQ Ranking Manager game in the latter months of 2010, a game he thought might have 25 or so players.  This expectation was far exceeded in the first year, and now at the conclusion of its third year, in 2013 over 130 teams were entered, with SteelyDan emerging on top by a mere 20 points (or a single stage victory in a 2.1 race) from Geraint Too Fast with a total of 13094.

Utilising the CQ Ranking website's points system the game challenges the player to select a team totalling no more than 7500 CQ points from the most recent season (a rough average from the World Tour teams in 2010), and generate the biggest increase in points, from young riders making a break through as they develop into the pro ranks, or more established members of the peloton returning from injury/poor form or perhaps even from moving into more of a leadership role in new team.

The inaugural champion, fellow poster ingsve managed to make a profit of 6,421 points, after bravely asserting he would be victorious in the early days of the season.  'The game is a great way for a cycling fan to enhance the experience of following the sport of cycling. It makes you care about the results in many more races throughout the year and makes you more invested in how riders develop.'

Of his prediction he told us 'It's fun to see how the game has developed over the years. The first year many people didn't understand the fundamentals of the game and created fundamentally flawed teams to the point where I realized I would have a fair shot at winning the game, which I did. The following years people had caught on to what the crucial mechanics are in building a good team and the competition has become very fierce which only adds to the excitement of the game.'

Having successfully established the game, that has also spawned several sub games, Hugo is taking a back seat in 2014 with his time limited due to work commitments.    Several other forum members look set to take up the challenge of maintaining the game.  These include 2012 champion skidmark and podium finisher in the 2011 edition mc_mountain, who also established a young riders version of the game.  He told us 'It looks like the YouthCQ game in 2013 has been somewhat of an apprenticeship for helping to take up the reigns of the main game.  I'm glad I've had the chance to do something like it on a smaller scale, before following in Hugo's footsteps'.

An innovation for the 2014 season will see the weekly updates provided by a variety of posters rather than just one game organiser, one of whom 'search' gave us his insight into the game 'When I won the Tour de France version of the game in 2012 it was only the second time I had participated in any version of the CQ Manager games, and back then I did not think too long and hard about it to be honest – I was surprised, but very happy when I saw that I won.

He went on to say 'but that's probably also the most interesting part of the game; you can use a variety of thought processes to come to a successful team. A new participant choosing the riders mostly by gut feeling to a large degree has the same chance of winning as someone who is using a very analytical perspective. In the end the winner's team will most likely have to find a mix of both approaches, but also have luck on their side. However it will unfold, I am sure the 2014 edition of the game will again be very captivating and definitely one I am looking forward to participating in.

Of all the updates perhaps the most anticipated will be provided by the Game's creator Hugo himself who will declare the winner at the end of the season.

Look out for details on how to sign up and play in the Games and Fantasy Forum in the coming weeks.


In its three years on the Cycling News forum the main game has generated 9,351 posts and 570,112 page views.  Combining subgames, evaluation and speculation threads that rises to 10,777 and 671,758 over half the posts on the sub forum, formed to accommodate the popularity of the game.

Notable Riders – suitable for photo to accompany article.

Peter Sagan has increased his CQ score in each of the 3 seasons of the game.  His average increase in CQ points is 581.67.  His increase in 2013 from 1963 to 2673 (710 points) was vital for game winner SteelyDan's total of 13094

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