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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #30 on: December 13, 2013, 21:59 »
There 5 or 6 non forum people from my tweet have done teams now.

so a little more chat and it might snowball

I would challenge Conde mc , he says he knows cycling  lets see ;) :lol

That's really cool. So everyone's aware, one thing that has come up is that there is the possibility of getting an email address for people to send their teams. My preference is to keep it on the forums, so that participants in the game are encouraged to discuss the game here, where updates are posted etc. But those of you out in the broader twitterverse promoting this game, please let me know if you think there's a large group of people that want to play but for some reason aren't willing to sign up for the forum. I may reconsider if that's the case.

Of course, another option is if you're tweeting and get someone interested in playing, you can submit their team for them to me by pm. Then the hope would maybe be that as the game wore on they'd be interested in joining the forum and contributing to discussion. I'm easy, more the merrier and all that, it's just that it seems weird to have someone playing that doesn't have the chance to share their thoughts on the thread where the game is contained.
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