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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #240 on: January 12, 2014, 21:34 »
Doing same as Skidmark here...

Well my riders...

BETANCUR GOMEZ Carlos Alberto: I have given my reasoning a number of times. But simply, a very promising rider with amazing potential who can excel in the Ardennes, week long races and in GTs. He didn't pitch up after the Giro last year and so if he can race an entire season this year he should definitely improve his points. He is also doing the Tour this year and so hopefully that will result in a more balanced season. I hoe he has learn how to TT as he would have finished 2nd in the Giro if not for his howler of a TT.

BOASSON HAGEN Edvald: Look at his points scoring potential and he is a no-brainer. He had to abandon the Tour last year and he won't be doing it this year most likely, freeing up a good chunk of the year for points scoring. He has also scrapped the classics buildup recommended by Kerrison and hopefully the more conventional method will allow him to build up well for the classics. His classics results certainly can't get any worse and going on his Cq graph there is only one direction his scores will be heading.

Stybar Zdenek: Not really, my favourite pick. I am a definiely a fanboy, but logically I think he is a tad too expensive. However, I found myself with 600 spare at the end and so in he went, as I cba to change around my team. He has got amazing potential and can definitely have a better classics season that last year. I am not sure if he will be able to challenge in races like Amstel and the Canadian races, but the potential is definitely there.

Phinney Taylor: Also written about him above. So will keep it brief. Exceptionally talented 'apparently'. Also only 23, a lot more to come from him imo.

Durbridge Luke: Also a very talented rider. After a brief dip in his 2nd year as a pro. I see this year as his time to step up to the big time, especially considering his first year Pro cq score. I hope he gets a good race program, but he definitely could be one of my more disappointing picks if he doesn't find ihs rhythm this year.

SANCHEZ GIL Luis Leon: Briefly hesitated, when I noted him back in the peloton, but not for long. So much points scoring ability and CR will give him a very good racing schedule.

Moser Moreno: Also 2nd year teething problems, but undoubted ability and I and many others, seem to think he is now ready to step up.

VAN DEN BROECK Jurgen: Never liked him as a rider, but I never really had a choice of picking him or leaving him out. You can't leave out a rider of his calibre.

POELS Wout: He has had his fair share of problems and there won't be that many opportunities on the OPQS team, but he is a class rider who will hopefully rediscover his way after his horror Tour crash of 2012.

Hesjedal Ryder: Too much pedigree to leave out. More of an insurance rider, he could very definitely score big and I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end. He obviously had a mare at the Giro, but his ride in Liege for Dan Martin was one of the best domestique performances of the year and I don't think he has lost his touch just yet.

Aru Fabio: A terrific talent. I liked what one poster said above, if you don't believe it, just watch him this year. On a climber laden Astana team, but talent like this can't be left out.

Goss Matthew: Obviously regressing. But I find it hard to see him getting worse that last year and he does it have it in him to score a hefty amount, if can go back to his 2011 ways. And best of all, you can't really ignore a sprinter at that price, when he is the leader of a team packed with rouleurs and sprinters.

Hoogerland Johnny: He had a hard time last year and should be back with aplomb. The Italian calendar should suit him and there is the potential there for a tonne of points. And the Androni vibe should suit him, I almost feel like it was a homecoming for him.

Yates Simon: Very talented rider. I am not sure just how talented, but I didn't want to risk it. His track performances early in February where he became Points WC convinced me and if not for one or two poor days in Avenir he could have finished higher than 10th.

COPPEL Jérôme: I found it hard to get much info about him, but I went onto his website, and it seemed like he had a real tough time last season and should be back this year. Of course his crash in the Tour was a big factor, it was the climax of his season. He can do well as leader of Cofidis and is still young and improving.

Morton Lachlan: Vaughters propaganda seems to have worked. From all I hear he is immensely talented and his performances in Colorado and other hints makes me very excited for this year.

Swift Ben: A bit of an underwhelming pick, but a craft one imo. He had a horrid year this year with injury, and whilst he won't be anywhere near the top of Sky's priority list. He will be their primary sprinter in most stage races and if he stays fit he should double if not triple his score.

De Gendt Thomas: A rider who is a bit of a conundrum. Claims he had a knee injury, and whatever the reason for his dismal year, he is definitely better than his 2013 results suggested. He won't get many chances to lead at OPQS, but he won't need many to make a good enough return.

Boonen Tom: Obviously

Howson Damien: Should be a golden rule, always pick the U23 ITT WC. Nevermind he posted some terrific results all the way through the year and will be racing on a perfect team for him in OGRE.

KRUIJSWIJK Steven: I so very nearly missed him. On the last day before the deadline, I saw him in another poster's team. Checked him up and realised he had some serious problems this year. He should be back this year and from previous year, can give a good return.

DUARTE AREVALO Fabio Andres: Didn't have a great year, but is the leader of Coldeportes and is also immensely talented. Not to mention his Giro performances were very heartening. He just needs a bit more discipline and consistency, but lets home that comes with age.

Ewan Caleb: Lots been said about him, too much talent to leave out.

Schleck Andy: Could score big, probably won't, but still will make a profit.

Dombrowski Joseph Lloyd: He should have had a storming year last year, it took him a year to adjust to life in the pro ranks, but he should be raring to go this year and he could score big, especially if Sky keep him on a similar schedule to this year where he could get quite a few opportunities to ride for himself.

Vanendert Jelle: A very good rider potentially. Has had serious health problems, lets hope they are a thing of the past.

Zordan Andrea: Indeed, a cut price version of Villella, lots of talent and a good sprint and climbing abilities.

Kessiakoff Fredrik: Was unlucky last year, won't have many opportunities riding in support of Nibali, and I don't think he will make much of a profit. But he is too good not to take for that price.

DI GREGORIO Rémy: Will race a full season on the French circuit and when I went looking for how much he could score, I found that there is a wealth of points available from the races LPM will be doing.

ANACONA GOMEZ Winner Andrew: Search doesn't see much in him, but he was impressive in his first GT at the Vuelta and I like taking riders from Lampre as they don't tend to have much leadership clashes. Definitely could turn out to be a climbing sensation, not sure if he will though.

Cattaneo Mattia: I stuck with him again this year. Had awful injuries, hopefully  he will finally show his talent.

Gerdemann Linus: No brainer, harsh luck that he was forced out of the peloton for a year.

CHAVES RUBIO Jhoan Esteban: I don't think he will score much this year as he will take a while to get back from his injury, but who wouldn't take a past Avenir winner for 0 points? (from 2 years ago.)

Guys who just missed out:
Dylan Van Baarle, Diego Rosa, Elissonde, Norman Hansen, Stuyven, D Van Poppel, Atapuma
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