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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #240 on: January 13, 2014, 16:16 »
ok my team which is a lot of riders I like, some I fanboy and few numbers and why I picked them

EVANS Cadel when I heard TDU - thought maybe the old dog has 1 more year in him, already 60 1 race, expect 1000-1200

GERRANS Simon was messing around with my team Arbs/Fermi and I were talking oz summer, Arbs brought up Gerro mate, thought him and Evans would give me a good start, Gerro maybe close to profit after the Hearld sun tour

VANMARCKE Sep Fanboy pick I hope wins a big one this year

PHINNEY Taylor Fanboy pick think he will learn from last year, will go hard at spring and then be back for the TDF and WC ITT

KÖNIG Leopold Wanted a NetAPP rider who would get constant points, think they will get a great calender this year

ROLLAND Pierre should go full retard this year again, Europcar need him to score big

BASSO Ivan Robo 1 more proper prep then retire

KISERLOVSKI Robert Fanboy pick and a obvious CQ game pick

ATAPUMA HURTADO Jhon Darwin Will ride a lot for TJVG but should be a good pick for Climbing stage points and GC at san luis and Cali

MOSER Moreno Obvious CQ game pick

VAN DEN BROECK JurgenObvious CQ game pick

ARU Fabio the next Forum Hype train after Quinn all aboard, plus should score well at the Giro

NAVARDAUSKAS Ramunas Fanboy pick , Could be the Kristoff of the spring

OFFREDO Yoann  not sure I need to write anything here  ;) Fanboy

CLARKE Simon will be a solid ardennes and break rider , I expect hime to score well

MARKUS Barry Fanboy and needed another fast guy

LÖFKVIST Thomas Götland needs to show, but cheap will have a good program with #iam

HAYMAN Mathew will be the Spring of his career, let off the chain

MORTON Lachlan Fanboy expect him to make a loss

BOONEN Tom Obvious CQ game pick

KRUIJSWIJK Steven 2nd time I have had Steven, more hope than anything

BENNETT Sam Looked a bit of a good sort, expect him to go well just by giving it all

DUARTE AREVALO Fabio Andres Fanboy and going to asia should aid a profit

EWAN Caleb
in all 3 of my team ie main , youth and emerging, Will be close to profit by Hearld-Sun tour

SCHLECK AndyObvious CQ game pick

DOCKER Mitchell Fanboy , plus most may not be aware Greenedge will have him as a leader quite a bit 2014

CLARKE William   :lol Fanboy should be profit TDU already on 26 points #thebeast

KESSIAKOFF FredrikObvious CQ game pick

ANACONA GOMEZ Winner Andrew 20 points who is to say no

GERDEMANN Linus Obvious CQ game pick  and in profit

CHAVES RUBIO Jhoan EstebanObvious CQ game pick

AUGUSTYN John-Lee old school fanboy pick never thought he would ride again at this level tbh

JOHNSON Benjamin 0 points hardman and wanted a Unique pick

I might lead for a week maybe not mid table here I come but have a team I like
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