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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #240 on: January 13, 2014, 23:14 »
 Weekly Update #1: Aaaand we're off... to see the wizard of oz in first place!

Well, all the long lists, short lists, innuendo and veiled references to riders we might pick are now a distant memory, and the season has begun. The weekly and overall rankings are, of course, the same this week, and with the major races being the Australian TT and RR championships (as well as those of New Zealand and a couple of stages of the 2.2 Vuelta al Tachira), naturally the leaderboard is peppered with teams that have a good number of Australians. Here is the top 10, with points totals next to them:

1 wizard_of_oz 482
2 greenedge 195
3 just some guy 189
4 WonderLance 155
5 riaroadtrip 150
5 Side_Shadow 150
7 ItalianGigolo 140
8 Tigerion 139
9 hilltopfinisher 135
10 mutschi 130

The mammoth points lead of wizard_of_oz is due to the fact that he/she has put forth an entirely Australian team, as the name might suggest. Points from Gerrans, Evans, Porte, Hepburn, Cam and Travis Meyer, Bobridge, Durbridge, Howson, O'Brien, Will and Simon Clarke, Dempster and Tanner mean that the wiz has 14 of the 50 riders that have scored ANY CQ points at all. So it's not a surprise that the team is in the lead.

Sadly, like his namesake, time might pull the curtain back to reveal the wizard's success as being massively amplified by the early season skew towards Australian riders accumulating CQ points. Recalling from memory, poster microdose had a massive lead from an all-Aussie team the first year of this game, but ended up somewhere around the bottom. Time will tell how well this antipodean fetish pays off. It's safe to say that if you want a shot at at least passing fame in the CQ game, you can probably achieve that by picking a bunch of Aussies.

Going further down the leader board, we find the in-no-way-does-my-name-suggest-Australian-leanings greenedge in second place with Gerrans, Howson, Hepburn and Von Hoff giving 195 points. Just Some Guy rounds out in third with Gerrans, Evans and both Clarkes. Honorable mention goes to game debutante WonderLance in fourth place with a team rife with riders who are, to paraphrase his description from his PM entering his team, 'anglo riders with names that are easier to pronounce'.

This week's top scorers and high movers obviously mimic the overall top 10, although you'll see on the spreadsheet that everyone but the wiz has moved down places, as we were all tied for first with zero points to start this thing. The 2.1 Tropicale Amissa Bongo is underway this week, as well as the continuing 2.2 Vuelta al Tachira, so teams with international riders should be able to play some catch-up.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet:
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