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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #330 on: February 09, 2014, 23:05 »
Update #5: The Wizard's spell is still in full effect

The wizard of oz again, but perhaps for the last time, takes full advantage of his all Australian team.  Gaining points for riders even less common in the game than Gerrans, ensures he pads his lead even further. Rare gems such as Simon Clarke (139 points this week, on 10 teams), Wurf (90 pts, unique), and Haas (82 pts, 4 teams), making the difference.  Gerrans' (43) start to the season perhaps hampered by the cancellation of the queen stage of the Herald Sun Tour, but he sits at 1 point in profit before he even sets foot in Europe.

Also waiting for his first chance to score points in an European race, is Taylor Phinney (153 pts, 56 teams), winning the inaugural Tour of Dubai, with fine display in the ITT and with enough hints in the following stages to suggest he can score points in more than just the races against the clock, will he be able to defend/improve upon the points haul of last spring (3rd GC in Qatar, 9th in MSR)?  Another popular choice Coppel (90 pts, 56 teams), took full advantage of a race that could have been designed for him, but does being eclipsed by young Ludvigsson (130 pts, 2 teams) suggest he will find points harder to come as the season progresses?

As well as Wurf there were other unique riders scoring well this week Cummings (90 points - Manafana), Haig - (71 points - Geraint Too Fast), as well as some other rarer picks as already mentioned Ludviggson and Haas, there are also Kittel (105 pts, 2 teams), Degenkolb (91 pts, 6 teams), Modolo (80 pts, 5 teams).  Young riders too are well represented in the top points scorers of the week, Meintjes (75 pts, 2 teams), Hansen (71 pts, 13 teams) and Haig (71 pts, unique).

Shalgo puts together points from Phinney, S Clarke, Coppel and Taarame for second behind the wizard, *Falze* (Phinney, Coppel and Hansen), just some guy (Phinney, Clarke x2 and Gerrans) and WonderLance (Phinney, Ludviggson and Hansen) make up the top 5 scorers this week

This Week's Top Scorers

1. wizard_of_oz   520
2. shalgo   450
3. *Falze*   393
4. just some guy   392
5. WonderLance   381

Those points are enough for shalgo to jump 70 places to 33rd

This Week's High Movers

1. shalgo   (+70)
2. Manafana   (+65)
3. sublimit   (+59)
3. Tuarts   (+59)
5. bicing   (+52)

In the top 10 just some guy, moves over riaroadtrip into 2nd, lenissart moves up 5 to 5th, WonderLance and greenedge also make their way back in to the top 10, with Ferminal and Ruvu75 making way.

Top ten overall:

1. (-) wizard_of_oz 2042
2. (+1) just some guy 1344
3. (-1) riaroadtrip   1259
4. (-) Geraint Too Fast 1113
5. (+5) lenissart 1063
6. (-1) mutschi 1060
7. (+9) WonderLance 1039
7. (+1) ItalianGigolo 1039
9. (-3) Kazistuta 980
10. (+4) greenedge 974

The Spreadsheet at Dropbox
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