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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #630 on: May 21, 2014, 05:42 »
From Ingsve

Update #19: Wiggins pays off

First of all I want to point out that the updates during my weeks in charge here might be a bit unreliable in time. When I agreed to help out with the updates back in November it was impossible to know how other things might interfere with the updates. Last week I was away on business until friday which is why mc_mountain steppen in to do the update. This week I have had some problem with the spreadsheet since I don't have Office and Libreoffice for some reason doesn't like the spreadsheet when you try to do the updates.

As for this weeks results it seems that Wiggins and the Tour of California results are the main factor for changes.

This Week's Top Scorers

1. Hilltopfinisher 685
2. Armchair cyclist 665
3. GP Blanco 661
4. Bellsax 649
5. Manafana 631

This Week's High Jumpers

1. Armchair Cyclist (+30)
1. GP Blanco (+30)
3. hilltopfinisher (+25)
3. Bellsax (+25)
5. Jakob747 (+23)

Both the top scorers and top movers are mostly the same teams and the common denominator is Bradley Wiggins who is starting to pay off a little for those who still believed in the guy. Rohan Dennis is also among the top scorers of the week and a combo a Wiggins and Dennis was good this week and some even added Evans or Craddock to the mix.

Top 10 Overall

1,   (-)   freshman   6255
2,   (-)   Pentacycle   6180
3,   (+3)   knallertjeblaf   5822
4,   (-)   rywann   5801
5,   (-2)   Geraint Too Fast   5777
6,   (+2)   Ruvu75   5694
7,   (-2)   EvansIsTheBest   5687
8,   (+3)   Ferminal   5668
9,   (-2)   Martin   5655
10,   (-)   lenissart   5649

In the top 10 knallertjeblaf moves up to the top 3 by being one of only two teams in the top 10 to have Evans. Ferminal is the other and having Evans along with Dennis moves the team into the top 10 this week.

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