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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #690 on: July 06, 2014, 07:08 »
Update #25: Better late than never

With TeoSheva busy at the moment, I will do the update this week. Better get used to it since I will cover the Tour de France too. The week during which are held most national championships is probably the week when the most races awarding CQ points are ridden. This mean that many team scored through a number of different riders, while no one rider really stood out. Somar13 is this week top scorer, relying mainly on Démare, Kennaugh, Bole and Keizer for the point scoring. Nicosix main point scorer was also Démare while Londonpat and Slow_rider's main man was Langeveld. Izaguirre was a rare pick that pushed Afrank up to 5th on the list.

This Week's Top Scorers
1 Somar13   684
2 Slow_Rider   627
3 Nicosix   616
4 Londonpat   581
5 Afrank   559

As it so often is the case, the week high jumpers list is dominated by the week's top scorer. Somar13 leads both lists, improving by no less than 24 places. In fact, 4 of the 5 high jumpers already featured on the week's top scorer list. The only 'intruder' is LaFlorecita, which was actually the 7th best scorer this week. She scored 545 points from a variety of riders, Kennaugh being her best rider of the week with a big round 100 points.

This Week's High Jumpers
1 Somar13    (+24)
2 Slow_Rider    (+17)
3 Londonpat    (+14)
4 Afrank    (+13)
5 LaFlorecita    (+13)

The top 10 teams were pretty quiet this week, not scoring much. Enough was scored for one major change though. freshman wrestles the lead from Geraint Too Fast for a mere 4 points. With MCardinalR and Milanello hovering very close, the game is delicately balance before this small bike race in France you may or may not have heard about. minessa and just some guy leave the top 10 making way to Oliveira and Ferminal.

Top 10 Overall
1   freshman   8484   
2   Geraint Too Fast   8480   
3   MCardinalR   8403   
4   Milanello   8402   
5   Pentacycle   8298   
6   Cykeltyven   8263   
7   rywann   8242   
8   The Hitch   8069   
9   Oliveira   8054   
10   Ferminal   8031   


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