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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #690 on: July 09, 2014, 05:17 »
Evans is best update

With the Tour de France having just gotten underway and the Tour of Austria in its early stages too, it has been a pretty low key week for most. However with popular picks (Dayer Quintana, Peter Kennaugh) going strong in Austria, the next update promises to be more exciting. The two teams with Kittel unsurprisingly top the best scorers list, with coinneach barely edging out bicing. The fact of that the week's topscorer managed only 224 points is probably the best evidence that this update is hardly decisive. The teams having placed their faith in Sagan : Grimm, Trudgin, Hugo87 in that order round up the top five.

1   coinneach   224
2   bicing   221
3   Grimm   180
4   Trudgin   150
5   Hugo87   140

Grimm jumps eleven places to become the week's highest jumper. Bicing also appears on both lists, while R_O_Shipman and Londonpat gain 8 and 7 places respectively. Last year champion, SteelyDan, is fifth courtesy of points from Kwiatkowski and Kennaugh.

1   Grimm   (+11)
2   bicing   (+8)
3   R_O_Shipman   (+8)
4   Londonpat   (+7)
5   SteelyDan   (+5)

The top 10 remains unchanged this week. Freshman and Geraint Too Fast have scored the exact same amount of points (35) , therefore freshman retains his slim four points advantage. Milanello is closing the gap though. With so little happening this week, it's as good a time as any to look at the progress of the collective wisdom team. It is actually going rather well, since it would rank in 14th position with 7957 points. That results has to be tempered by the fact that at a cost of 7551 points it would have been slightly overbudget.

1   freshman   8519
2   Geraint Too Fast   8515
3   Milanello   8478
4   MCardinalR   8405
5   Pentacycle   8348
6   rywann   8277
7   Cykeltyven   8263
8   The Hitch   8110
9   Oliveira   8097
10   Ferminal   8072

dowload, hopefully

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