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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #690 on: July 31, 2014, 19:25 »
Quote from: EvansIsTheBest
Update #29 : The Tour doesn't climb to the Giro's height

The Giro, this year proved very successful with many popular picks performing extremely well. However, with many GC favorites crashing out of contention in France, everybody struggled to repeat the success of the Giro. auto de fé is the highest scorer this week. Despite Contador not finishing the race, with Pinot, König and Trofimov also featuring on his team he manages to score an impressive 1013 points, but that's not even half of what the top scorer managed in the Giro update. Eyeballs Out is the only other person to break the thousand points barrier thanks mainly to Majka and Pinot. Yoyokt, fourth highest scorer this week, also relies mainly on Pinot. Meanwhile, the two Péraud teams : *Falze* and PeterB complete the top five.

This Week's Top Scorers
1   auto de fé   1013
2   Eyeballs Out   1009
3   *Falze*   935
4   yoyokt   888
5   PeterB   881

Eyeballs Out edges out auto de fé for highest jumper of the week. With respectively 39 and 37 places gained, they both have reasons to be excited. Crevaison, Armchair Cyclist and yoyokt are all tied for third with a 28 place jump and can also be pleased with their week. More significantly, all five of theses teams feature Pinot and they are all in the top eight highest scorers, so once again both lists are pretty similar.

This Week's High Jumpers
1   Eyeballs Out   (+39)
2   auto de fé   (+37)
3   yoyokt   (+28)
3   Crevaison   (+28)
3   Armchair cyclist   (+28)

Unsurprisingly, the top ten is completely different to the top ten of the previous update. Pentacycle rises back to the top spot thanks to some inspired picks such as Navardauskas and Bardet alongside the more popular Kruijswijk and Van den Broeck. The Hitch, a perennial presence near the top of the table year after year, is now second. Thibaut Pinot was the main architect of his rise but Adam Yates, the gift that keeps on giving, and Jurgen Van den Broeck were also key. Despite, Contador's withdrawal, MCardinalR clinches the last spot on the podium due to König's insprired performances in France (and also Van den Broeck). *Falze* is one of only two people to have Péraud. With Zubeldia eigth and Van den Broeck also high up in the GC, it's therefore no surprise that Falze jumps from 21st to 4th. freshman and Geraint Too Fast are both down three places to 5th and 6th respectively. König, Rolland, Navardauskas, Van den Broeck and Kruijswijk to help just some guy come back into the top ten, in seventh place to be exact. Milanello, the former leader plummets down to eigth, while Cykeltyven somehow manages to stay in the same spot. PeterB, the other team with Péraud, rouns up this new top ten.

Top 10 Overall
1   Pentacycle   9297
2   The Hitch   9273
3   MCardinalR   8977
4   *Falze*   8968
5   freshman   8921
6   Geraint Too Fast   8894
7   just some guy   8872
8   Milanello   8856
9   Cykeltyven   8830
10   PeterB   8829

Spreadsheet at Mediafire

With this week being by far the most important of the month, the monthly highscorers and highjumpers lists are, as expected, fairly similar to this week's so I won't bore you with the details.

This Month's Top Scorers
1   yoyokt   1477
2   Eyeballs Out   1335
3   Grimm   1327
4   Manafana   1303
5   auto de fé   1294

This Month's High Jumpers
1   Grimm    (+43)
1   Eyeballs Out   (+43)
3   yoyokt   (+38)
3   Manafana   (+38)
5   Zuremelk   (+36)

...and on a personal level I'm nearly into profit.  :)
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