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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #720 on: August 19, 2014, 05:30 »
Geriant to fast update

Update #32: Pentacycle breaks away

When I signed up to do this set of updates I was expecting them to be fairly quiet, with the big late season moves waiting until the Vuelta. How wrong I was! Before I get to the overall rankings, I should give some credit to asdfgh101 for being the weeks top scorer and highest mover. There were a few riders who scored triple figures this week and asdfgh101 had four of them - Wellens, Thomas, Kruijswijk, & Brajkovic, who all helped to make up the only 800+ score of this update. The 2nd best team this week is vladimir, but in 3rd and 4th we have two of the overall contenders, Pentacycle & minessa. 

This Week's Top Scorers

1.   asdfgh101   862
2.   vladimir   776
3.   Pentacycle   727
4.   minessa   654
5.   Jakob747   612

This Week's High Movers

1.   asdfgh101   (+32)
2.   vladimir   (+27)
3.   the asian   (+19)
3.   LaFlorecita   (+19)
3.   DJ Sprtsch   (+19)

It was an average week for many in the overall top 10, and the high scorers have really taken advantage of this. Minessa jumps five places to 2nd, but it is Pentacycle who steals the show this week - he is the first team to pass 10000 points for the year, and in the process increases his lead to over 500 points! It's also interesting to note that the points difference between 1st and 2nd is now bigger than the difference between 2nd and 11th. 
Despite the action at the top of the rankings, there are no new names in the top 10 this week. 

Top 10 Overall

1.   (-)   Pentacycle   10418
2.   (+5)   minessa   9909
3.   (+3)   Cykeltyven   9885
4.   (-2)   The Hitch   9802
5.   (-2)   *Falze*   9800
6.   (-2)   PeterB   9755
7.   (-2)   freshman   9700
8.   (+1)   Geraint Too Fast   9579
9.   (-1)   MCardinalR   9574
10.   (-)   Slow_Rider   9570

Down load spread sheet
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