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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #720 on: August 26, 2014, 21:07 »
update via shalgo

Update #33: Going Postal

Most teams did not get very many points this week, but that cannot be said for the week's top scorer, uspostal. Starting the week in 146th place out of 150, uspostal was the top scorer by a whopping 160 points, thanks to TJVG, Busche, and Howes in Colorado, as well as Nizzolo in Germany. This impressive haul did not bring him into the list of the week's high movers, however (moving him up only to 136th overall). Instead, it was greenedge who moved up 17 places overall, in large part (not surprisingly) to the Orica Greenedge riders Gerrans and Matthews.

This Week's Top Scorers

1   uspostal   670
2   Yellow Knight   510
3   Bicycle_Boy   463
4   greenedge   462
5   Blues in the bottle   437

This Week's High Movers

1   greenedge   (+17)
2   Bicycle_Boy   (+14)
2   Kazistuta   (+14)
4   ironsscally   (+13)
5   CraZyCaLL   (+11)

In the overall competition, Pentacycle extended his lead to 654 points. 2nd through 10th are separated by less than 200 points! The main change in the top ten this week was Oliveira's return after an absence of several weeks, and Slow_Rider's departure. Looking ahead to the Vuelta, the key factors in determining the victor may be the performances of Quintana, Contador, and Uran: of the top ten, three have Contador, one has Quintana, two have Uran, one has Quintana and Contador, and three have Contador and Uran.

Top Ten Overall:

1 (-)   Pentacycle   10655
2 (+1) Cykeltyven   10001
3 (-1) minessa   9948
4 (-)   The Hitch   9932
5 (-)   *Falze*   9882
6 (-)   PeterB   9847
7 (+4) Oliveira   9846
8 (-1) freshman   9826
9 (-1) Geraint Too Fast   9811
10 (-1) MCardinalR   9806

The Spreadsheet at Dropbox - here
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