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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #720 on: September 23, 2014, 08:35 »
This is getting really boring now, any of the game runners abl to remind people we did a lot of promoting and got many new members playing, have a update might be nice,

also the above is the drop box, but I can not open it, anyone able to do some magic and post the results,  some said it is open office fwiw

Hitch update

Update #37: The first leaves of autumn. 
The imminent arrival of the offseason begins to be felt with as quiet and uneventful week as there has been since March. The 2014 cycling season prepares for one final song, with a monument and a couple of world championship titles for its encore, so it is not over just yet. The same however cannot be said for the overall competition. Pentacycle has a lead so big, it would be internet fantasy sporting history for someone to catch him now. 

On the other hand the battle for the other spots is far from over. Cycletyven, who sees his lead over 3rd place decrease slightly, remains in pole position, though at just over 100 to 3rd and 200 to 5th it is far from comfortable. Oliveria leaps above me and now takes the coveted 3rd podium spot, as does will10 who continues on the late season form shown in his truimphant stage win last week by jumping into 4th. Only 70 points however seperate us 3. 

Behind us by a small margin of 200, there is a 3rd group on the road working together, all well within reach of the podium in the next few weeks, before the main peloton begins. 

This Week's Top Scorers

1   Leadbelly    469
2   Zam_Olyas    434
3   Nicosix    421
4   trotters aotearoa    382
5   tanja    381

AS far as the stage goes, Leadbelly takes the glory in both catergories as both highest scorer and mover. Well done to you leadbelly, making it a succesful campaign. Tanja trotters aotearoa and Nicosix join him in enjoying success in both catergories while Zam continues his great late season form with a 2nd place on points putting him in good position I think to challenge for the monthly crown maybe in 2 weeks. 

This Week's High Movers
1   Leadbelly    (+13)
2   Nicosix    (+11)
3   tanja    (+9)
4   lenissart    (+8)
5   trotters aotearoa    (+7)

Top Ten Overall
1   Pentacycle   12938
2   Cykeltyven   12487
3   Oliveira   12351
4   will10   12329
5   The Hitch   12288
6   minessa   12191
7   MCardinalR   12045
8   rywann   12039
9   tomazo   11895
10   EvansIsTheBest   11847

Thanks to mcmountain for offering advice and an easy guide on how to do this.
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  • Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

    Larri Nov 12, 2014


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