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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #720 on: September 30, 2014, 03:49 »
Big Changes after worlds
It was an eventful week as world championship weeks brought a lot of points to the table but not a lot of point scoring places (unlike stage races where points are more evenly distributed). As a result some people scored bucketloads while others recorded next to nothing.

The biggest profiteer is Cj2002 who scored a whopping 835 points, making him the weeks highest mover as well.
He was pushed close though as he, Grimm, DJ Sprtsch and GTF all scored higher than the week's bottom 11 scorers put together.   

Also noteworthy are Leadbelly who features at the top of "highest movers" for the second week in a row making it 27 places in 2 weeks, and cq2014's early leader Gerrainttoofast who's third place and 781 bring him back into the top 10.

At the top,after dominating for pretty much the entire season, Pentacycle's lead is down to the lowest its been since I can't remember when as Cycletyven puts daylight between himself and the rest of the top 10 with a strong 430 point week and is now under 300 points behind the leader. Competition? The gap is actually, finally manageable, with a few Italian classics one big one and a stage race or 2 still to come. Pentacycle does however remain a heavy favourite. Even on this down week he still outscored 7 of the 9 names that made up last week's top 10.

This Week's Top Scorers
1   cj2002            835
2   Grimm            799
3   DJ Sprtsch            790
4   Geraint Too Fast            781
5   petaldo            733

This Week's High Movers
   1   cj2002   17
   2   petaldo   14
   2   Leadbelly   14
   2   yoyokt   14
   5   Crevaison   13

Top Ten Overall
1   Pentacycle   13226
2   Cykeltyven   12948
3   will10   12581
4   Oliveira   12539
5   rywann   12514
6   The Hitch   12504
7   minessa   12384
8   Ruudz0r   12305
9   Geraint Too Fast   12275
10   freshman   12263

I don't have microsoft excel so that link might not work, as I see it didn't last time.
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