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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #720 on: October 07, 2014, 15:11 »
Update 39 The End

Ok, as last year showed things can still change in the final few months of the season, with 1 wt race and a bunch of smaller ones to go. But really, that is only true for tightly contested spots. The GTS have all finished, the worlds have all finished, the monuments have all finished, the WT has pretty much finished and all the big scoring races are over. Pentacycle with over a 300 point lead is very safe as this year's champion, and with an even greater lead over 3rd, Cykleteven even more safe in his podium spot.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same for myself sitting in the very volotile 3rd spot that has changed every week. Less than 100 points seperate me Will, Oliveria, Minessa and rywann in a 5 way battle royal for the final podium which will take the place of last years battle for first.

In the weekly rankings, vladimir continues a very high scoring finale to the season with another stage win, and by quite some margin. A greater margin seperates vladimir and 2nd place Nicosix than covers the entire next 50 scorers for the week.:eek:

Consolation though for Nicosix comes in the high movers list, which he tops with 11.

This Week's Top Scorers1   vladimir            651
2   Nicosix            478
3   Jakob747            456
4   Londonpat            456
5   the_fool_on_the_hill            440

This Week's High Movers
   1   Nicosix                     (+11)
2   the_fool_on_the_hill                     (+10)
3   Londonpat                     (+9)
4   TeoSheva                     (+8)
5   Jakob747                     (+7)

Top Ten Overall
1   Pentacycle   13625
2   Cykeltyven   13290
3   The Hitch   12911
4   will10   12853
5   Oliveira   12819
6   minessa   12816
7   rywann   12813
8   Ruudz0r   12639
9   Kazistuta   12519
10   freshman   12475


With the worlds, Vuelta and Lombardia I think this was the highest scoring month. No surprise then to see the 2nd and 4th place overall feature, as well as a former winner. Rywann wins the month while vladimir amazingly follows up 1st place last month with 2nd this. Interestingly none of the top scorers feature in the top movers list, won by knallertjeblaf, testament of all of them having high positions to begin with.

This month's top scorers
1   rywann   3125
2   vladimir   3119
3   will10   3075
4   skidmark   3046
5   Cykeltyven   2994

This month's high jumpers
1   knallertjeblaf   (+45)
2   greenedge   (+44)
3   Blues in the bottle   (+32)
4   wizard_of_oz   (+31)
5   GP Blanco   (+28)

Congrats to all

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