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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #750 on: October 15, 2014, 16:08 »
Update 40: The Epilogue

If last week's update had the rather titular title 'The End', I would certainly not fault it for the feel of the game; in actuality, there is still a WT stage event to process and a few other little things. But indeed, post-Vuelta, post-Worlds, post-Lombardia, we are fully into the period of denouement for the CQ Ranking Game 2014. It has been a lovely ride, and we will be ceremonially entering Paris shortly, some of us happily in a victory lap, some of us happy to make it to the end and thinking already of next year.

This Week's Top Scorers

1   Fus87    436
2   ray200   282
3   freshman   281
4   Zam_Olyas   278
5   lenissart   276

Fus87 had it all come together this week - not only is their team the only one out of 150 teams to have Jelle Wallays*, winner of Paris-Tours (you would have made a whopping amount on that bet even the day of the race), they also have Stybar who won a 1.1 race, and a gaggle of riders (Nizzolo, Villella, Battaglin, Ruffoni, Firsanov, Rosa) who picked up handy results (between 30 and 45 points) this week. In keeping with the 'usernames with numbers' theme, ray200 gets 2nd with a completely different team (Degenkolb and Madrazo and Formolo doing the scoring). Zam's all-Italian team fittingly places in the closing weekend of Italian racing.

*for some reason on the spreadsheet Jelle Wallays shows up as being on Froome19's team in the popularity tab, but is not on the team actually. I don't know if it was a glitch in data entry or a change in riders before the start of the game that wasn't reflected on that tab, but it seems like Wallays is only on Fus' team for real.

This Week's High Movers

1   Fus87   (+14)
2   ray200   (+8)
3   LaFlorecita   (+5)
3   ----AG----   (+5)
5   olopaine   (+4)
5   LightBing   (+4)
5   Sneekes   (+4)
5   Hugo Koblet   (+4)
5   comodoro   (+4)

The top 2 scorers are the top 2 movers, but LaFlo, despite only finishing 17th this week with less than 200 points, maximized those points in a tight area of the rankings and leaps 5 places. AG does this despite finishing 30th on the week on points. Nice work, guys!

Top 10

1   (-)   Pentacycle   13754
2   (-)   Cykeltyven   13341
3   (+2)   Oliveira   13000
4   (-1)   The Hitch   12967
5   (+3)   Ruudz0r   12906
6   (-2)   will10    12894
7   (-)   rywann   12891
8   (-2)   minessa   12870
9   (+1)   freshman   12756
10   (-1)   Kazistuta   12651

Top spot aside, there is some tight racing still going on. Most of this has been resolved by the outcome of the Tour of Beijing (GC not reflected in this update), and the dust will be settling after the Japan Cup this weekend. But the final podium place is a see-saw battle, with spots 3-8 separated by 130 points. Besides that, 4 other teams are within 100 points of the top 10. Top spot seems locked up, but beyond that it's anybody's game.

Update at Dropbox:

Full listings:
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