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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #750 on: November 04, 2014, 00:30 »
Update 43: Boni's Fast, Yo! Rare Pick Causes 11th-Hour Podium Shakeup

(note: there was no update 42; I got the CQ download when it finally showed up mid-week, but it hadn't even accounted for the end of Hainan, so I decided to hold off until this week since barely anyone scored)

By far the biggest revelation (if it can be called that for an almost post-season race with little competition) of the 2.HC Tour of Hainan was Nicolo Bonifazio of Lampre. The young Italian captured 251 points from the event, which made his 5 CQ Game owners very happy indeed. And, as 3 of those owners were in the top 20 of the standings, it caused some shakeup at the top, including the podium of the game.

This week's high scorers

1. fauniera 251
1. Ruudz0r 251
1. Bellsax 251
1. Reno 251
1. Milanello 251

Remember how I said 5 teams had Bonifazio, and how he scored 251 points? I hope you can connect the dots to understand the above list.

This week's top movers

1. fauniera (+9)
2. Bellsax (+5)
3. Milanello (+4)
4. NairoQ (+3)
5. Ruudz0r (+2)

That's 4 of 5 repeats, with Ruudz0r's +2 being pretty significant (see below). NairoQ, with Palini and Kamyshev, is the interloper on this list (also the highest non-Bonifazio scorer). fauniera's leap of 9 spots lands their team in the top 100, in the nice round 100th place.

Top 10

1. Pentacycle (-)
2. Cykeltyven (-)
3. Ruudz0r (+2)
4. Oliveira (-1)
5. minessa (-1)
6. Hugo Koblet (-)
6. rywann (+1)
8. The Hitch (-)
9. freshman (-)
10. tomazo (-)

Some interesting jockeying going on, despite the fact that only 3 teams in the top 10 scored any points this week (Pentacycle scored 78 from Wippert and Markus, because of course he did). But Ruudz0r leaps onto the podium by virtue of having Bonifazio, Oliveira falls off. And rywann's meagre 6 points from Juan Pablo Suarez gets him into a tie with game founder Hugo for 6th place. I can't say I remember having a tie in the top 10 at season's end in the previous incarnations of this game, but someone correct me if I'm wrong. Milanello, a Bonifazo owner, made an agonizingly close run to the top 10, moving up 4 spots to 11th but ending up 63 points short.

The season is officially over after this week's Taihu Lake; I haven't combed through teams to see who has riders (although I see already at least one team has Jesse Kerrison), but I'm expecting next week's update to simply finalize things. I will provide it when it's available and then we can look ahead to next year!


Overall rankings:

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