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Re: The 2014 CQ Ranking Manager Thread
« Reply #750 on: November 10, 2014, 19:26 »
Official End of Season Update

So, as predicted last week, the Tour of Taihu Lake (last race ranked .1 or higher) had very few participants and very few points on offer. In fact, the asian was this week's high scorer with 5 points from Gavazzi; however, everyone else in the game pretty much tied for 3rd with zero points, as archieboy got the week's only other points from Jesse Kerrison (3 points). So congratulations, if you didn't finish in the top 5 any other week this year, you technically have this week!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this windfall of points did not lead to any place shuffling, and so our top 10 as highlighted last week is also the final top 10. Congrats to Pentacycle for officially winning the year! For those who don't want to pick through the spreadsheet, I have to highlight a particularly impressive aspect of Pentacycle's team this year, which was the combination of popular and unique picks. Of course he had Contador, who was a game-changer this year for all involved, and the inevitable sort of Boonen-Vanendert-Chaves picks (and also popular ones that didn't work out like VDB, Andy, Goss), but also a good number of high-profit, fairly unique picks. I'll highlight a few:

Philippe Gilbert - 1696 points, profit of 747, picked by 29 (not that unique, but not that popular)
Romain Bardet - 1149 points, profit of 446, picked by 2 (!)
Ramunas Navardauskas - 806 points, profit of 564, picked by 9
Ben Swift - 745 points, profit of 587, picked by 23
Tim Wellens - 748 points, profit of 616, picked by 11

And then young guns like Sepulveda (unique pick), Theuns (2 teams) and Benoot (unique pick) who picked up handy profits of around 200 points for low investment. It takes luck to win this game, but it takes some serious skill to pick riders that can put you in a place where you can win if they mostly do well.

With that, we bring the year to a close. I want to thank all 150 teams that participated, and look forward to starting discussions about next year really soon. Congrats to our podium of Pentacycle, Cykeltyven and Ruudz0r!

Spreadsheet link:

(didn't include spoiler of full results since they are effectively the same as last week; I figured if you wanted to click around the spreadsheet would be useful, though, for completeness' sake)
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