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Re: What does it mean to be "American"?
« Reply #120 on: January 11, 2014, 15:30 »
If you are trying to tell me that racism is not strong in France you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. The National Front got 18% of the vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

Doesn't prove anything. Yes unfortunately I know the Taubira.

Quote from: AG
I get the 'being proud' thing though.   I feel as though I have contributed a great deal to my country, and I am proud to have contributed when we do something good or that I see as worthwhile (giving aid, helping others etc - not that we have done much of that lately).   I get that military personal feel proud that they have defended a way of life, a freedom, ideals that they believe in ... proud that they have tried to protect others from a regime that is cruel or corrupt.   Its not always the case - I am not that naive - but the basic concept is what I am talking about.

Best post I've seen on this thread so far. I gave it a like, I could've given it 10 of them if I were entitled to. Lovely to read. Bravo !   :cool :)
I've always thought that citizenship was a choice and not a gift. I mean surely if you are opening a bank account in the Cayman Island or if you own a company whose production you relocate overseas, are you still a citizen of your country? On paper perhaps, on heart, no.

I've always thought that the sense of social duty is extrically linked with the sense of patriotism - which is why left-wingers hate me here -. If I am to serve people, that would first be my relatives, friends, neighbours and fellow countrymen. Quite obvious to me but for this I'm sometimes labelled neo-nazi or something. I can't help quoting Rousseau (who cannot decently be judged a racist or anything of the sort): "Distrust these cosmopolitans who pride themselves on loving the Tartars in order to be exempted from loving their neighbours." It's feeling you belong to a group of people and you are not a selfish, greedy individual. Feeling you are ready to do without some individualistic entertainment in order to serve common good (on a voluntary basis). I'd always sing my national anthem more fondly than the Internationale.

The flag is also something I'd never insult. If people say it's childish, my reaction would be to try and get one and wave it, out of sheer provocation.  :D I don't have one because it should be in the hearts of people more than in their hands. Chavez would say "the fatherland you have to feel it in your ovaries and in your balls", lol.

My grandpa fought for that flag like many others and I'm not ready to forget about it. I'd even humbly add that I'm proud of what he did.

Quote from: Gotland
and recently we have ABBA and other musical exports, or companys like Ikea, Volvo, Ericsson, H&M etc.

Representative of Swedish culture while singing in English?  :D
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