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Re: Doping in XC Skiing & Biathlon
« Reply #90 on: February 27, 2017, 21:05 »
I find Marit Bjørgen's performances more consistent than Therese Johaug's. Therese actually jumped the rest of the field (from being among the best on all terrains and the best climber - in the tour de ski finale - to being the best on all terrain, no exception - the year she tested positive for clostebol.

Otherwise, I think the Norwegian XC skiing team reads the rules on asthma stuff and nebulizers quite similar to Team Sky ie they will take it to the legal limit even if it's ethically questionable. The swedes seems to be in the other camp there. Looking at other means to improve performance, it is not completely consequently always so. Norwegians will not use "altitude tents" (national ban for all sports) even though it is allowed elsewhere (fwiw I think Bauke Mollema used it while preparing for the TdF a few years back, I seem to remember Lars Petter Nordhaug mumbling about not having the same opportuinities as the others on the team.) That's not an excuse for nebulizing away saltwiter and other substances not on the banned list, but to show that there is more than one opinion on these matters in Norway. 

PS: I rather thought the focus on X-C skiing and Norway these days was about "most incredible screw up on the finish straight"  :shh I wouldn't stop you from considering the Norwegians invincible, but  :lol
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    Re: Doping in XC Skiing & Biathlon
    « Reply #91 on: February 27, 2017, 21:42 »
    well, Iversen looked cooked, he probably wouldn't have won anyway I guess?

    And year, it wasn't really supposed to be an accusation. I just thought it was odd that anyone who wants can sign on a crystal ball and the FIS advertised it as "Athletes [...] sign[ing] on for clean sport", no matter how dodgy they potentially are. Would Legkov and so on be allowed to sign there as well in case the CAS had decided differently?

    Sure, you are probably right about the Norwegians staying (mostly) within some kind of limits, but there's no way I would call it an example for clean sports.
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    Re: Doping in XC Skiing & Biathlon
    « Reply #92 on: February 27, 2017, 22:11 »
    You see various cases of athletes signing up for clean sports - either by putting their name on a piece of paper or by putting "I run clean" on their gear. This seems to happen in many sports in many countries. If you put yourself in the athlete's position - and your national federation ask you to "please sign here, it is good for our public relations" - how could you ever refuse?

    The only case close to an exception is Martin Johnsrud Sundby but he refused to sign a letter from the athletes to the FIS or some other federation, not an order from the FIS or NSF (Norwegian Ski federation). Until he had better time to think about the consequences he would not sign it, he said. I don't know his motivation for that, but unlike most other skiers he has a doping history, and that may influence his point of view.

    Anyway, back to my original point: if your federation, team or club says "please sign this anti-doping petition here, it will be good for our PR and the relations with our current sponsors and facilitate establishing contact with new sponsors for next year" - how could you refuse?

    And then, how much do you value this kind of anti-doping devotion? In my opinion, it is to be filed under "talk is cheap" and serious sports fans might just as well disregard it. It is worthless, but in a not-positive, not-negative either neutral way. It is just not what to look for when you scrutinize an athlete's attitude towards doping.
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