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[Superprestige] VIER - Cross Cup 2014
« on: February 20, 2014, 18:53 »
The Cross Cup was a show organized Belgian broadcaster VIER, for the final show of the Superprestige. I've just seen the three contests of it on the net.

8 crossers were guests: Lars Van der Haar, Tom Meeusen, Sven Nys, Rob Peeters, Niels Albert, Kevin Pauwels, Klaas Vantornout and Wout Van Aert.

At first there was a presentation of the three crosses they had to do (but not with their usual equipment of course)
1. A remote controlled car (Lars saying : "hey ! That's my size !" :lol)
2. A tricycle (but it was a sort of biathlon)
3. A car

They then draw lot to see how the teams would look like:
Lars Van der Haar, Tom Meeusen : Orange (lot can sometimes be ironic)
Sven Nys, Rob Peeters : Red
Niels Albert, Kevin Pauwels : Yellow
Klaas Vantornout and Wout Van Aert : Blue

"Klaas, who do you think are the favourite?" "Us, I guess."
Albert says something like: "We won't talk too much but we will act." (referring to his teammate) :D

So the first contest: Remote controlled car ! Peeters already coming a cropper before the start, everybody laughing their head off ! Sven says: 'Zonder vlo is dat toch niet wat het geweest is!' (I don't know what it means; help !)

Announcer: "Wout, beware of a false start!" (referring to his Belgian Nats)

You could see Van der Haar's car crashing and Meeusen casually walking to put it back on track. Lars: "Run Meeusen, run!" (in the infinitive form in Dutch)

Albert sending his car in no man's land there: "Kevin, my car !"  :D

Finally the Orange team won with a car that lost one wheel. Lars: "if the equipment crosses the line, it's okay, isn't it?" "Nys beaten!" :lol

Nys questioned the result because in his opinion the Orange car went back and forth across the line or something. And then: "Dirty Hollanders!"  :P

The cross biathlon. Other win for Orange Team. Nys: "He [Rob] shot well, but they shot a split second faster. I'm pockmarked."

So actually Albert is a lefty, I didn't know.

Car racing.

First semi-final: Orange vs Yellow : Lars was the better of Kevin but when Tom took his turn he had trouble to start and Albert started like a bomb (his best start of the whole season, lol). However his engine blew up. "Come on man, that's not fair!"

2nd semi: Nys spectacularly span round and was lucky that Klaas has good reflexes. Easy win for the Red.

Red won the final but in the GC they were tied 14-14 so they had to race one lap more ITT. It was Meeusen against Peeters. Meeusen did 42"07 and Peeters 42"32. Win for Orange "It's our glory moment" says Lars.  :D

Okay hard to understand everything for non-Dutch speakers, including and mostly me, but a joyful moment. Every year VIER does this sort of thing for the closing ceremony of the SP. A lot of fun !  ;)

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    Re: VIER - Cross Cup 2014
    « Reply #1 on: February 20, 2014, 23:50 »
    Another win for Lars! He is unstoppable this season!
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