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Re: The Hour record
« Reply #330 on: April 18, 2019, 11:09 »
As long as the same venues are available to everyone (and that seems to be the case with Mexico), then I believe that's the equivalent of "a level playing field." Riders are free to choose where they do this.

Three factors come into play though: Air pressure, temperature and humidity. In that linked CN article, it mentions that, "[Wiggins] set a distance of 54.526km, well below the 55km mark he hoped to achieve due to unfavourable atmospheric pressure." So had the barometer been different that day, the overall conditions may well have been in Bradley's favor.

It seems inescapable that those variables will always come into play with The Hour Record, but that's part of the game, I suppose. Any close victories will be viewed through that lens, but what could be done to mitigate such things? Even if all the record attempts were forced to take place in the same venue, would they then have to narrow it down to a margin of acceptable environmental conditions such as temp, humidity and air pressure?

On one hand, the argument could be made that the record itself is somewhat meaningless because of such variables. On the other, it could be argued that getting all the variables to align to one's advantage is just part of the overall equation.

I'm not sure exactly where my personal beliefs are on the matter. I still find some excitement in watching these attempts, although I'm honestly not entirely sure why!

The obvious solution would be for several people to make their attempts at the same time, in the same place.

They might even be able to draft off each other and go even faster...
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