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Re: Teams you Support
« on: April 07, 2012, 22:28 »
West Ham United - since 1968

Ajax - since 1989 (when I came here)

Barca - since Cruijff's time as manager, early 90's

Holland (nope, not USA)

Washington Redskins

These are the teams in other sports that I follow, more or less in descending order of passion. I only dabble at baseball and hockey, don't really have any specific team, though I loved it when the Black Hawks took the Stanley Cup because they were the first hockey team I ever heard of as a kid (my father was from Chicago).

I think my cycling preferences are known here. I am the proud owner of Vacansoleil, from whom I expect some big surprises this season.  8)

The Rabos drive me fornicating crazy. :(

I do not like Cav.

I am also a Spartacus fanboy.  :-*

I'm also a bit of a #46 fanboy, but he's not a team. ;)
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