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Re: AG2R news
« on: October 29, 2014, 13:39 »

It is hard to believe that AG2R and Betancur have buried the hatchet, reading that article. Lavenu is always very cautious anyway but I suppose we will know more come Spring.

At best, Betancur is a poor communicator. At worst, he's rather unprofessional, and that has been my impression of him this year. That said, there were no indications of such dissent at Acqua e Sapone, where he rode more or less complete European seasons. Something doesn't quite add up.

I think he must have been unable to buy his way out of the AG2R contract because I can't see why he would stay after the mess he made. Perhaps no other team wanted to find the money to do that. If he's signed up until 2016 inclusive, then that would certainly be expensive.
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