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Re: AG2R news
« Reply #60 on: August 11, 2015, 11:59 »
what burn the witch how dare you talk badly about the Fat one  :D

It does bring an interesting point up though Where does Carlos go?

Any big Euro team has to realise that hiring this unprofessional waster means taking a significant risk. #ag2r desperately needed a rider like him two seasons ago whereas now that team's outlook is very different.

His standout P-N performance, in which Slagter's bad luck played as much of a role as his own riding, now seems like a long time ago. Until July 2014, Betancur could argue that he was needed. Now his pile of bargaining chips is getting light.

Since that P-N he has mostly hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons and there are plenty of talents prepared to work harder and more reliably than he has.
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