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Re: AG2R news
« Reply #90 on: April 16, 2018, 13:09 »
Well, just look at Jan Bakelants. Wrecked at Lombardia but visible again at the pointy end in Spring 2018.

Bakelants has been making steady progress since his return at the end of March. On Saturday he told Sporza, "I never thought I'd be able to ride Amstel. I'm satisfied just to be riding here.

"I feel like I'm still missing something. I still have to improve a bit to get back to my old level ... I don't have the watts I had from before the injury.

"I'm really aiming [to be good] for autumn, I feel that I need some time to be completely ready again, and that should be possible from July, but that's too late to make the Tour selection." (NL)
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    Re: AG2R news
    « Reply #91 on: February 11, 2019, 21:21 »
    About the bikes
    While watching the Valenciana last stage, I noticed #ag2r AG2R had new bikes  and they looked a bit odd, but I couldn't make out which brand they were. It was a long name (for bikes), or rather two names, and it was written with size 12 fonts, or something like that. Completely unreadable while the race is on, for example when  Alexis Gougeard was towing the break to the inevitable catch. It turns out they are "Eddy Merckx" bikes, which should be a household name to all cycling fans but surely just Merckx( in font 72+) should do - and be more recognizable. Where are the product designers and brand-name marketers?  :S

    ..but the groupsets?

    Also I don't think they have a sponsor for the mechanical parts but it seems they have tested and decided to go with Shimano. It's a bit bizarre because if they are not sponsored and made a choice, for themselves, that's actually a statement more worth than any sponsored team could give Shimano  :-x

    Here's some background (en Francais, bien sûr!)

    "après plusiers tests sur nos noveaux vélos, nous seront équipés de groupes Shimano"

    English, my translation: after several tests with our new bikes, we will be equpped with Shimano groupsets
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    Re: AG2R news
    « Reply #92 on: February 12, 2019, 05:28 »
    Yeah I noticed their bikes in the TT were a bit weird. Tbh they almost looked like a different brand of bikes with stickers over the name, but maybe the Merckx bit was just in really small writing as you say.
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