riding too slowly

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Libertine Seguros is a very knowledgeable and generally well-articulated poster. She also does some great work with their Race Design thread.

That was a very good post she wrote.  Like others I now avoid the clinic; about twice a week scan over less than half a dozen threads.  Very little of quality is posted there.

I like LS and virtually all she writes is worth reading but she has got the trajectory of Emma Pooley wrong and seems fixated on trying to make a narrative based on a wrong founding perception.  She hasn't worked out why Pooley was the "goto" girl for the jiffybag excuse.  Pooley was never asked if she had received the bag from Cope; Lawton had done his homework before he spoke to her.

Try and think what would have happened if Pooley was not date fixed at a race 1,000km away and could say said "yes, Cope did give me a jiffy bag". Think that one through real hard and get to the end.

Try and think why she might had responded in that way.  And for the answer to that we are back at the trajectory of Pooley through British Cycling. 

And to understand that we are back with Sutton and a possible gold/silver plan in 2008.
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