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about Froome's hospital pictures
That looks a bit more like expected - instead of the one-legged trainer. I went back to the one-legged trainer vid to check the thigh scarring. Most of the thigh isn't visible, though - covered by shorts. With good healing, the injuries shouldn't be painful at this date with a little movement. There is a little scarring visible around the knee, but could be old - no telling.

What this photo DOES tell us, though, is that Ineos is taking the high-$$$$ route in recovery. The leg isn't in a cast - it's in a brace. Which means they are letting him out of the immobilization suit on occasion. This fits with the one-legged trainer video. It is interesting, though, that they have him in a neck brace here. OTOH, that could be for reasons other than vertebral injury - they could be using the neck brace to stabilize and keep the compound leg fracture under extension pressure - to keep the leg from compressing the bones during healing. Which the musculature will naturally tend to do. End up with the leg a tad shorter than before. Better if not, eh?

But, nah, that idea about the neck brace is probably rubbish. I don't see any accompanying restraint at the ankle.

Anyway, this is a LOT more like what I would expect to see after a compound femoral fracture, than one-legged training.
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