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Re: Shipping bike from South Africa?
« on: August 08, 2014, 22:04 »
Not sure whether it'd work with your timing, but I'd suggest going on-line to Torpedo7. It's a Kiwi mail order bike shop who does great bike bags.

We've got two (well, now one - buggered if I know where the other one's disappeared to when we emigrated a couple of years back!) and they're excellent. We've transported MTB's, roadies and cross bikes all around the world in them without any problems since we got them back in 2007.

The big advantages that the bags have over what you're looking at are a combination of:
- padded sides - absolutely essential! From my experience of having used unpadded bags, hard shells and padded bags for years, an unpadded bike bag is pretty much asking for damage, even if you wrap your bike well.
- heaps of good storage pockets inside - places for your lid, shoes, pedals, skewers, tools, etc
- easy to move around - wheels are essential for getting through airports, train stations, etc
- relatively light - 4kg bag weight means heaps of room for bike plus gear
- cheap - they're only NZ$99. I know that may make some people suspicious, but ours is still going strong after 7 years of good use ...

I can't send a link - am at work and they auto-block some sites if they're "shopping" - but check out The bag in question is the imaginatively named "soft bike bag with wheels" - or you can pay another $20 for the fancy version with wheel bags on the outside! (Never used that one, so can't comment.)

Oh, one other thing ...

Don't use bubble wrap for your bike - use closed cell foam instead. Usually you can buy it in large sheets so just cut it to size and wrap all of your tubes. Zip ties are the best way to keep it in place - most tapes don't stick that well to it. Much easier to use than bubble wrap and, if you label where each section of foam fitted, you can keep it and reuse multiple times (we're using the same foam 6 years on ...)
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