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Re: Sky
« Reply #2070 on: November 11, 2019, 11:52 »
I'm only paying cursory attention to this tribunal, or whatever it is, but it seems like a tremendous amount of he said - he said. I suppose I'm waiting for the dust to settle in order to sort it all out, but even a distance, it would appear that someone is lyyyyyyyyiiiiiinnngggg.

At this point, I wouldn't even pretend to know who, and I couldn't care less as to who the actual culprit is. Nothing surprises me anymore, so there's literally nothing that could come from any of this that would shock me.

So what say you Brits? What should I be focusing on in this drama, if anything at all?

 Not sure us Brits know any more than anybody else at this point. Tbh, I've only been reading the for and against threads in the Clinic and on BR. For once they don't seem Poles apart, except at the extreme end of things.
It seems that the defence council is claiming that the DCMS omitted several pieces of evidence from their report. If true, I would assume this was to further careers by "sexing it up".
Apparently some Twitter traffic on this:  correspondence involving DCMS and a DM journalist have been withheld. These apparently discredit SS as a reliable witness and ‘could’ kill the whole Jiffy bag story.

This testimony is doing the rounds again:

The Clinic mention Freeman ordered and received a box of Testogel, which is gel in a sachet, 30 sachets to a box, 50mg of gel per sachet. So if true, not the "cupboard full" claimed in the media. Debate then moves on the whether it's any good for micro dosing etc.
 That's about it atm. Not heaps to get one's teeth yet............. in the absence of racing.
 Keep watching this space if nothing better to do, I suppose, as the wheels continue to turn exceedingly slow.
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