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Re: Sky
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Quote from: Mello Wiggo=topic=636.msg44739#msg44739 date=1341768789

“Honestly they’re just flipping lonesomes. I can’t be doing with people like that,” Wiggins said. “It justifies their own bone idleness… because they can’t ever imagine applying themselves to anything in their lives.

“And it’s easy for them to sit under a pseudonym on Twitter and write that kind of sh*t rather than get off their arses and apply themselves and work hard at something and achieve something.”

Make an angry statement about people who use the internet as lonesomes (like Cathy Wiggins?) then leave.

Reminds me of, "After cancer i would never put anything in my body against that wasn't pure"

UKPostal didn't show today like yesterday, but saying that, they sure did get a lot of flak for yesterday so maybe plan was to make it look real as Mello Wiggo and Froome felt able enough to handle everything Evans, Nibali or others could throw at them at the end.

RSNT looked like its old self though ::) wonder did a car arrive in the night sent from Hogland with some vitamins.

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