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Re: Sky
« Reply #120 on: July 08, 2012, 22:38 »
Make an angry statement about people who use the internet as lonesomes (like Cathy Wiggins?) then leave.

Reminds me of, "After cancer i would never put anything in my body against that wasn't pure"

UKPostal didn't show today like yesterday, but saying that, they sure did get a lot of flak for yesterday so maybe plan was to make it look real as Mello Wiggo and Froome felt able enough to handle everything Evans, Nibali or others could throw at them at the end.

RSNT looked like its old self though ::) wonder did a car arrive in the night sent from Hogland with some vitamins.

A British TdF victory by Wiggins would be fantastic for British cycling. A victory by a USA team(BMC) Cadel would be fantastic for US aqnd Aussie cycling. A good showing by Radioshack, would be good for US cycling, they sponsor a lot of the online media cycling races also. At this time RSNT is the highest profile team in the USA and looking at Cyclingnews and Velonews sites is the most popular team at this time, on the English Speaking sites.
Personally, I would not attackand bite the hand that provides sponsorship to the sport. If you loathe the sport or certain teams, why not just use your time in a more positive manner. Just sayin'.
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