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Re: Sky
« Reply #120 on: July 09, 2012, 03:38 »
As I explained in the shoutbox at the time, of course Brits are not morally superior. But the fact is that cycling is a relatively new sport on such a wide scale level in Britain and there is not that level of doping common yet rather it would have to be developed.

Also for example I will provide the example of Millar and Chambers, the BOA adamantly refused to let them participate in the Olympic games even though for example the USA were happy to allow Merrit to participate, furthermore there were many high profile sports starts and personalities who spoke out against them being included. I dont think there are any countries like that who refused to back down to the law allowing former drug cheats to participate in the Olympics and certainly there wasnt such an uproar from its high profile personalities. I am not saying that the Brits are morally superior we are just as corrupt if not more corrupt than anyone else but we have a different mindset to other countries when it comes to doping

I thought both were competing at the Olympics
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