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Re: Sky
« Reply #360 on: October 14, 2012, 16:34 »
But I don't understand. As I only just posted the same in the "truth and reconciliation" thread...

What are Brailsford's intentions? Does he march into a room and announce, "OK, lads, who wants to get fired today?"
Isn't that what it amounts to? If Wiggins or Froome admitted to past transgressions, would we even hear about it?

Or is it a matter of everyone buckling down and Brailsford emerging by saying, "That's it. We're all good now. I've just had everyone assure me that they have no doping pasts. Now we're really clean. It's true. All my riders and staff just told me so, just like they did the first time I asked them. Transparency. As a matter of fact, our team kit for 2013 will be made from clear plastic wrap, just so you can see how transparent we are. New Era"

Maybe I'm just particularly dumb this morning, but none of this is making any sense whatsoever to me.

(Or maybe I'm still disoriented from having missed another CX race >:()
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