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Re: World Championships 2017: Bergen, Norway!
« on: February 20, 2017, 22:31 »

Posters like this are starting to appear in public places all over town.

Sorry for the low quality picture, it was indoors in a quite dimly lit room and I didn't know how to set flash properly :)

It is still half a year left, but I think the organization is struggling a little on local community relations - as much of the focus in the press these days are on the inconveniences.  Blocking ordinary access for cars and public transportation to some neighbourhoods for 10 days is far out of the ordinary and for those that have yet not noticed we're going to host one of the biggest yearly sports events here in this town, it comes as a shock. Now they are starting to realize the world championship is a huge event. In many people's head it probably meant "a bike race". That's as opposed to 9 days of racing....

Furthermore,  there are a few expensive seats to be sold at a VIP location near the finish line. Not sure - it is probably on a boat overlooking the finish area (which will be on the Hanseatic Wharf at Vågen, Bergen's perhaps most iconic historic location.)

The time trial course for men was changed last year - it will finish with the climb up to Fløyen. What I did not realize until I saw this poster was that in exchange they scrapped Birkelundsbakken, the other climb which now only will feature in the women's ITT. It is much shorter but it would have been a dominant feature of the course (and it wil be for the women). However, it was at the extreme end of the ~out and back course (ok..two different roads but still out and back...) - the audience wouldn't get a finish line experience if they were out there. Fløyen has the potential for massive crowds.

Here's a view from the finish area a couple of weeks ago:

This image doesn't really convey the gradient of the climb but at least you can get an idea about the general steepness of the area by showing one of the bends between the Fjellveien station and Skansemyren superimposed above the Torget marketplace.

Now that the course will be flattish with a steep finish, it doesn't look like Tony Martin and Jonathan Castroviejo territory anymore and depending on who shows up and how motivated they are for the worlds, it could be between Chris Froome, Riche Porte, Tom Dumoulin, Thibaut Pinot and the Letalnica survivor. And the russian guy who only wins uphill time trials - I think it is too much of a flat start for him but Ilnur Zakharin might be as happy as Pinot for the lack of serious downhill here.
EDIT: The Sollien climb has been renamed once again and is now known as Salmon hill.

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