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Re: World Championships 2017: Bergen, Norway!
« on: September 04, 2017, 21:10 »
It's not my team, but I noticed they had made their selection, so here it is.


 :S Yikes! Need more booby traps for installation immediately.

Wellens is a fantastic racer to bring along for Bergen. Hope he is motivated. In certain conditions not completely unexpected here he can win this solo with a 13 minutes gap. In all other conditions he is just the guy up there in the break, but that is it. Having such a strong team means you can pack one with a different specialty. 

As for which conditions? Let me remind you of what Salmon hill looked like, last year. Tour des Fjords 2016, stage 1:


Here is Løbergsveien, other side of the valley, same race/day:


We think it rains a lot in Bergen. There's hardly any city in Europe with comparable statistics, I have been told), but to put it in perspective: Houston just got about half a year of Bergen precipitation in less than one week. Anyway, which is the wet month in Bergen? All of them - but September is the worst,  on average! Belgium takes a chance, and can win with Wellens Weather in Bergen. UK people take it as a reminder: Wet-  Wellingtons .  Wellens!


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