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Re: The CULT ... of Stölting!
« Reply #60 on: November 12, 2015, 11:21 »
Couple of interviews form Danish riders, both in Danish but only one where Google Translate can help.

First up an excellent article on the oldest man in Danish cycling Michael Reihs in Cykelmagasinet on doing things the Cult way
He talks about his advanced years and retirement thoughts  ;)
Never say, it is the last. But that is no lie when I say that I did not expect to be the next Jens Voigt. Very few people who can handle it. Although I recently was made ​​aware that I am the oldest current Danish rider in the field, so feel absolutely not the oldest. I feel like a late 20s, says Reihs laughing, adding cheerfully:
His own season highlights,
I rode a good DM, and actually began to smell a DM jersey at the time..... Despite good legs were never Reihs' day in Randers. When Martin Mortensen dashed, he showed himself as the loyal teammate and gave his wheels at the expense of its own ambitions. 15th place at the Championships.

Amstel Gold Race and Liege Bastogne Liege is always special and was really cool to drive this year. It was flipping hard, but really fat. Another great moment was in Het Nieuwsblad, where I was part of the outbreak and was leading in the race.

His Cult highlights
I remember Mads Pedersen's performance at '4 days of Dunkerque'. It was great, because everyone on the team backed up around him. It was really cool to see how he once again proved how he holds true world class.

Rasmus Guldhammer: - Guldhammer has blossomed tremendously up while he has been with us. I almost think that he has run the top 10 in all the years we've been in. It's incredibly impressive.
The merger
It will be a new team with a new composition. Skelde is back in his old role as sports director, and I think it's good for the team and good for Michael himself. Now he can focus one hundred percent on the sporting and leave the administrative to others. I think this is really good.

Although the team includes a large internal age difference, the co-operation and belief in each other something that shines through the interim president: - We have a really good team and like to do things "Cult-way". We help each other and hills always hundred percent up on the projects. We will try and carry further the same style next year.
and finally 2016
There has been some new in, but we'll try to teach them how we do things, he says and refers to the merger with the team's co-sponsor, Stölting Group, which has brought some young German talents in its wake. The newcomers forces has indisputably increased competition within the team, but Reihs' experience remains irreplaceable, and therefore change his role on the team itself does not: - My role will continue to be, to take care of the young and the new. It will be my task to bind the team together and make sure that we are running as Michael Skelde and I think we should run.

Next up is Feltet's interview with young sprinter Michael Carbel (recently relocated from Luxembourg to Girona).

2015 did not go quite as easy and successful as many had hoped. Learn about this and more in the interview with Michael Carbel below. Here you can also get an explanation of the cause, for he even began to cycle - and it is perhaps not exactly what we had expected - to hear what the World Tour team, he hopes to be running for.
The answers to this and more are to be found in the filmed portion of the interview.  It's about 20 mins long, takes place in a white room and they have him backed into a badly lit corner.  Other than that I can't help much more  :lol

Enjoy ...
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